Additional Resources

1. Handout: Words of Jesus to Women
This handout can be used with the introductory session of your discussion group on The Gentle Savior, or you could use it as a review in the final lesson.
(Need an answer sheet, so you’ll know who Jesus was speaking to?)

2. Handout:  Love Stories — Tales of People in Need and the Central Virginians Who Helped Them


You can find blog posts with supplemental information for each of the following Bible study chapters in The Gentle Savior:

No Condemnation

The Healing Touch

A Source of Living Water

Women Welcome Here

Like Father Like Son

Jesus Knows Best

Such Devoted Sisters

A Tale of Two Sinners

What Jesus Never Said


Useful Links to Other Websites

Christian Women Online

She Worships

Other Books I Recommend*

Unsqueezed: Springing Free from Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, Highlights and Stilettos
by Margot Starbuck



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