Sample Topics

The Heart of the Father
When we look into the face of Jesus, we see the heart of the Father reflected there. When we look at the words and actions of Jesus, we see that, yes, most certainly God loves and cares for women.

This is a series that may include up to four sessions:

• The Heart of the Father Toward His Devoted Followers: An Invitation
• The Heart of the Father Toward His Beloved Broken Daughters: A Respite
• The Heart of the Father Beyond the Immediate Family: A Mission
• Developing a Heart Like Our Father’s: A Transformation

Sisters of Christ, Sisters in Christ

The conversations Jesus had with and about women during his ministry provide a window directly into God’s heart. As the face of the Father, Jesus showed us that God loves, understands, and values women—all kinds of women. Once we know and accept His incredible love, it’s time for transformation. How should we view the women in our lives? What influence should Christ’s example have on our relationships with the women in our church fellowship? The specific goal of this three- to four-session series is to build more Christ-like connections among Christian women, grounded in our confident relationship with the Lord.

What Jesus Never Said
Jesus lived in a male-dominated society under the influence of legalistic religious leaders whose teachings made life incredibly hard for most women. Refusing to condone and perpetuate the assumptions of culture and tradition, Jesus introduced a way of treating women that was revolutionary for its time. The things he said women were compassionate and sensitive. Yet, the things he never said to women may have been the most powerful testimony of all to the freedom God has to offer his daughters.

Getting to Know the Word
Do you know why there are two testaments or four Gospels? Why do some Bible books read like stories and other don’t? Why are books like Revelation so hard to understand? This session for less-experienced Bible readers provides helpful insights on how the Bible is put together and how God chose to communicate his will. Learn enough about the book itself that you can begin digging in and really getting to know God better.

Truly Amazing Grace
We Christians believe we are saved by God’s grace through faith, yet many of us fall back to living by law when it comes to our daily walk. When we do that, we miss some incredible peace and joy and the freedom to love other’s as Christ loves us. Learn how to truly LIVE by grace!