Q and A: An Interview with Author Lynn Bell

December 21, 2011

How did you come by the title “The Gentle Savior”? 

I chose this title because it describes the way the women who met Jesus must have perceived him. I looked in the Gospels at the way Jesus treated women, what he said to them and about them and even the things he didn’t say. He was kind to women in every situation, whether they suffered physical or emotional pain or were trapped by sin or were being condemned and criticized by other men. In a society where women were mostly treated as property—and at the least, were considered inferior beings—the respect Jesus showed to women was truly remarkable. I don’t believe he was kind because he viewed women as weak or pitiable, but I think he considered the kind of life women had to endure. He also knew what they were capable of, if they were given the chance.  Read more of this interview at New Christian Books: An Online Magazine.

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