God’s Heart of Love

November 4, 2011

In Week 6 of The Gentle Savior Bible study, I wrote the following:

In the Old Testament, God made laws about providing for the needs of the defenseless, but Jesus came and demonstrated that God wasn’t just the founder of a charity. God actually loves these people. The good news Jesus brought them was that God’s heart is moved by their suffering. He notices them. He finds them worthy of his attention. He values them so much that he wants to give them the kingdom.

In studying scripture for this chapter of the book, I realized that my heart for the poor and oppressed also needed to reflect the heart of the Father. I have a long way to go, but one of the first steps I took was to begin volunteering with an organization called Love in the Name of Christ. Their mission is to mobilize churches on behalf of needy people in Jesus’ name.

Our local chapter of Love INC has produced a booklet of “Love Stories” that recounts some of the many situations in which caring followers of Jesus have reached out to help people in need. There are some lovely testimonies to the power of Christian compassion here, and I hope you are inspired as you read them.

Download Love Stories (pdf)


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